Wednesday, February 2, 2011

thoughts on my first complete photo a day month

i have completed my first month (+ 2) of photo a day. it has been such a revelation for me. on the 3rd day in, i didn't think that i would make it. many times i thought that nothing interesting was happening so there was nothing to take photos of. on lots of other occasions, i thought that i didn't have a 'great' photo to use. some days i just didn't want to do it. and with the heavy of january gray, i felt like i was just a hamster in a habitrail.
so what has this month taught me?
1. this is about documenting my life, one photo a day, and not creating a photography book of stellar shots.
2. when i think that nothing interesting is going on, then i am not paying attention. they say that life is in the moment and i am being more aware of them. there is beauty to be found all over the place.
3. gray and brown can be striking.
4. and last, certainly not least, is that i can follow through on something, even when i am not inspired and that being held accountable...knowing that there are those who check the photos every a huge motivator for me. (being a coach, one might think i would know this! ) as someone who has all the attention span of a magpie, this is pretty darn exciting.

on a side note, i decided to do a digital scrapbook of each week. i have done a layout of the first 4 and 1/2 weeks of the year. i have added a bit of journaling to each layout so that i know where i was or what i was up to. it will be a way cool journal of my year and be much longer lasting than my transient memory!
thanks everyone for sharing this month with me.
more to come...


Mick said...

I'm one who checks every day and thoroughly enjoy your observations. You are right in mentioning that gray and brown can be striking. Even black and white images very often seem more meaningful than full color ones.
Keep going!

ellie said...

thanks so much for the support and encouragement. they mean so much!