Monday, December 31, 2012

farewell, 2012

on this post, no picture.

bye, 2012. and me, well we've got a date tomorrow. we are new to each other and to the other we are both shiny. honeymoon phase. let's rock this time we have together and keep the love flowing.

to celebrate your arrival, i am starting a new photo a day. this time with my iphone. wherever i go, so do you. let's spy cool things together. let's make cool things together. let's experience cool things together.

and please, please, please be kinder to me than your predecessor! or i will kick your ass! just sayin'.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

goodnight, november


lately, i have been feeling like my eyes have seen the same thing far too many times. there are days that just feel like missed opportunity to see something new. to experience something new. 

and then, without going anywhere new, i am reminded that each moment is new. each moment is a different experience. 

 stay awake.