Saturday, April 2, 2011

photo a day...a day in the park

saturday morning at the farmer's market
beautiful flowers, early spring produce
baked goods delivered fresh from heaven
herbs, hand made soaps
people milling around
carrying baskets and recycled bags

artisans standing behind their handiwork expressing their beauty

         children gathering teeny wild bouquets for their mom

                scrap exchange decorating strong breezes

 a metalsmith in the community foundry heating, forging iron

learning about bonded sand, iron pours
making connections with those who follow their heart

                     steel drums played by the college hands
                     dancing and woo-ing to their own music
                     women dance together
                     dads sit crossed legged with their kids
                     people drawn by remembered dreams
                     they clap, toe tap and bop in place
                     drop money for the musicians in a drum case

                    knowing that this is the good life

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