Tuesday, July 5, 2011

photo a day...the pine sol rose

this is my pine sol tea rose. i bought it a couple of months ago. it was ablaze with these oh so fabulous orange blooms. i mean covered in them. it was love at first sight. and as the saying goes, you only hurt the one you love. usually unintentionally. i was rinsing out a cooler. being the conservationist that i am, i thought while looking at the cooler with a few inches of water in it 'hm...i should use this to water the new rose and geranium.' congratulating myself on my clever repurposing of water, i went and gave the rose a nice drink. as i poured the last of the water into the rose, i got the whiff of pine sol and just then, the brain cell that held the truth about that cooler and me cleaning it with pine sol last time i used it woke up and said 'hey that can't be good for roses!' well, thanks for that. the rose promptly proceeded to lose all its blooms. the leaves took a few weeks to completely die off. well, so much for love. fortunately my procrastination paid off. i didn't dispose of the body. then a couple of weeks ago...leaf buds! everywhere! then a few rose buds. yesterday's rain-a-thon burst the first bloom open!
welcome back my little pine sol rose. i will be better this time. promise!

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