Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry christmas eve

hello one and all!

a week has come and gone so quickly. time flies faster at christmas. so much to do, so much we want to do. and time just doesn't stretch to accommodate the breadth of fun stuff available to us.

something that i was so moved to do this year and missed (i was moved too late, apparently) was to take in some school holiday shows. i made a promise to do that next year and to catch the spring shows. durham school of the arts is within walking distance for me and i want to enjoy the energy of the kids (since i can barely remember being one myself now!). day will be a time of celebrating family, faith and the miracles for many. our miracles come in so many packages at so many different times in our lives. grab the ones given you. every one.

i will catch up on my blog in the quiet, after the christmas rush, time on christmas afternoon.

until then, magic and merries, all you little elves of goodness and light.

hugs and as always, love, ellie

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