Tuesday, January 22, 2013


i have been thinking a lot lately that my life, its constructs, are too small. for the first time, i am ready for more space.

i crave open space the way a cocker spaniel craves a cookie. not just physical but spiritual and mental space too. dust out the corners of my mind and my home. my soul.

so when the urge said 'yo, chickpea. it's time. get up off your butt, spread your wings and catch a breeze',  i nodded in agreement. like the grinch, i puzzled until my puzzler was sore and figured out some stuff that i could do to start creating some change, some space.

then started doing them.

and while doing one of those very things to help me grow and change, i had AFGO. another f*cking growth opportunity which is now stuffed, along with my ankle, into a cast.

now i don't even have the space and freedom that i had before. AFGO.

one of my friends asked me if i had ever made a 'things i will do if i ever break my leg' list. nope, i hadn't. but now that i am trying to find how to move again, to be able to sit with just a manageable amount of pain, i am thinking about how wide i can make my world from my little view of the sky.

-this tangent is sponsored by the realization that came when my photo of the day was my laptop wallpaper. how small and how new my window to the world is right now.

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