Tuesday, March 18, 2014

off the record

in what is becoming an all too familiar scene, ice returned to NC yesterday and early this morning. after temperatures in the 70's just two days ago, the sleet and freezing rain once again thwarted spring's best attempts at springing.

though they refused to be photographed or to go on record, the daffodils, clearly beleaguered by this latest frozen event, were generally disheartened. an unidentified daff said 'it's my job to brighten the gray of winter. and you know, i showed up. i put my best yellow out there, stood bold and upright.  and what do i get for it? ice covered, downward facing blooms. it's demoralizing. and you know, being the 'happy flower' we aren't supposed to express any of this. i'm just supposed to keep a stiff upper trumpet and carry on. so, no, you can't quote me but i am sick.of.this!'

one young chocolate vine leaf was freer to talk and willing to pose for a photo. after a few moments, he looked around him at ice coated stems and vines, shivered a little and simply asked, "WT?"

WT? indeed.

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Erik A. Prince said...

Really liked this one.