Thursday, June 3, 2010

cool stuff in the creative world

i am taking this really amazing e course with kelly rae roberts. it's called flying lessons and it is all about developing your creative business. that i get to listen to my creative whispers is a gift. those who know me know that i am a coach and a creative.
with the loss of my mom and my grandmother in the last couple of months, i haven't had a creative pulse. i feel it coming back. and i think at least some of it can be attributed to this really great class. kelly is amazing. one of those people/artists who i would normally feel so less than but she is also so real and accessible and well, bright. we are just a few days into the e course and already she has given so much. i think that is her nature.
more about this to come. brain is a bit mushy today but i really wanted to get this out there because it isn't too late to join in this great event.
i was first introduced to her work this past christmas when my sister sandy gave me one of kelly's amazing canvases which was instantly one of my 'the house is on fire, go get this' items. i googled her and found her website and then her a.m.a.z.i.n.g. book taking flight.
me likey. going to rest the brain but go check this stuff out. she and what she brings to this world is really pretty special.


Anonymous said...

i am totally loving the class as well, looking forward to flying with you!!

Lynnstreasures said...

sorry to hear about your loss, take all the time u need to mourn and to get yr creative pulse back...I'm so glad to hear that this class is giving u the little nudge to forge ahead...I'm enjoying every bit of this class too!