Saturday, March 19, 2011

photo a day...logan's run

  erik and i headed out today...on what i considered to be the most perfect weather any day could possibly muster.
made a logan's run. 
fantastic plant (and other fun stuff) wonderland in an old train station.
though it is early spring, they already had a mecca of earthly delights. history tells me that in a couple of weeks, the place will be off the hook busy and overflowing with temptation.

we ate at the seaboard cafe, surrounded by life and green and laughter and happy air.
i had yum delish pistachio chicken salad that i am now going to have to figure out. erik found out that he really likes pickled carrots. 
here is my new little violet. i wanted another one for my worktable but it is never easy for me to choose as they all, without consideration or mercy, call out to me.                                                                            ⇰

⬇this little fellow dined on goat willow. 

 some of the flowers were 
more perennial than most.
some were demure. and some were showoffs.

and some 
just couldn't stop giggling.

it was a good day.

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