Wednesday, February 22, 2012

art every day....yeah, yeah, yeah

okay, i know that i am only close to a month behind in posting. i have, however, created every day. today i made something for a couple who is getting ready to marry. i am purely delighted with this. they stand only about 2.75" tall. handmade from clay and their little stems are fine copper tubing. this is not a great photo...just doesn't show the wonderful color or texture because there was little natural light. and they are sealed yet. the little speck on mr is one of the tiny metallic flakes in the clay. the mr photo shows the pear-ly color goodness. so darling. get it? they make a perfect pair!? hope they like them!

1 comment:

Noodle on This said...

I love this pair/pear! I hope you're going to make them available for sale someday. Great wedding/anniversary gift.