Saturday, January 28, 2012

art every day...a touching reminder

i love to create. 

i really do. but it can get a little lonely sometimes. when i am in the process, there really isn't much else i am aware of. but when i am done and i am doing the other stuff...photographing, describing, measuring, listing, sending things out into the world, it can be a solitary process. 

this morning i received notice that a pair of earrings in my shop had sold. yay! i do love sales!
but this one will stay with me, i imagine, for a really long time. this note was attached to the sale...

"My father's name was Ellie (Ellis) and sadly, he passed away last week at 93. He loved birds. I will give these charming earrings to a family member. Thank you." 
my heart goes out to this thoughtful person and their family. i understand only too well how hard it is to lose a parent. and yet this note filled me with gratitude...that this man was loved so much that he will be missed and that his child chose something created by my hands as a positive reminder of someone important.  

if i ever forget that my work matters to someone, i can think of this note. 

i know that i will think of this man when i see birds, as i do with my mom when i see clouds.

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Noodle on This said...

What a touching story, Ellie. You have amazing talent and are moved to create from your heart. Now you know one more reason why.