Friday, January 6, 2012

art every day...cow belles (or what i do instead of sleep)

last night i simply could not sleep.
no pillow arranging, no visualization, no nothing was going to make me go to sleep. finally, i felt i could fall asleep and POP! there she muse. i have been toying (a little pun intended) with the idea of making some dolls. she has a fat body and long funkified skinny legs. attitude that just won't the delightful way.
and there it was...cow belles.
so i had to get up and do a sketch of one.
allowing for the fact that i was sloppy, exhausted and not drawing the way i wanted to, at least i got it on paper. finally, around 530am i was released to sleep.

today i am grateful for my muse, however ill-timed her visits.

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