Sunday, January 1, 2012

announcing my 2012 'a day' adventure!

today i am grateful for my awesome new inktense pencils that sit in their tin with vibrancy and life, just waiting for their moment to shine!
well, it's 2012 day at a time.

this year, i have decided to do 'art every day'. let me tell you, that really scares me. and that's partly why i chose to do it.

so what is art every day? it could be anything that i consider to be an artful endeavor. painting, jewelry, dolls, photographs, a beautiful dinner or fabulous dessert. a twig house or a clay carving. who knows? that's a big part of it. inviting my muse in and then letting our creations out.  

when i started doing these every day things two years ago, i was scared that i wouldn't keep up with it. now that i have done them consistently for two years (even bringing each one along into the new year), i am scared BECAUSE i know that i will do it.

this is year, i want to have a breakthrough year with my art. i won't do that if i don't make art and make it a lot. so the order of 2012 is practice and reveal.

in doing this piece i used the derwent inktense pencils for the first time. love them and want them to have the chance to show all their capability in my hand. also used micron pens on watercolor paper.

in addition to my art every day, i am going to include one statement of gratitude for the day because expressing gratitude has become such a great part of my life. 

so we begin again.

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sUz said...

hApPy neW yeAr eLLie! i think this is a fabulous beginning! i like how you are actually combining three things - gratitude, photo and art!