Monday, January 3, 2011

indiana bones

this is one of my little furr babies. indiana bones. he has all the attitude that he looks like he does in the photo. he is adventurous (hence the name) and travels on his exploring feet all day long. he is fluffy, feisty, yippy and the cutest pain in the butt ever! he and his brother, charlie, are constant companions of mine. not surprising that one of them showed up only 3 days into the year.


Anonymous said...

ohhh, he is sooo cute, and loove the name. hilarious! and thank god this is not one of those yearly photoshoots where it is 365 pictures of just you in different physical

Anonymous said...

ooh, oops, this is Kaitlyn

ellie said...

Amen to that. I am much happier behind the camera the
than in front of it!
Indy is a hand full. He is the perfect example of why better looking criminals get lighter sentences. It's his saving grace. Well that and the adore way that he sighs every time he lays down. Or when he... Well you get the picture.