Tuesday, January 4, 2011

roving possibility photo of the day

the smushy, fuzzy, wooly, wishiness of my growing stash of roving possibility
okay, day four. on day three, i realized that while i take a lot of photos normally, as i am out and about, that taking a photo a day is going to be a real test of commitment. yikes. only 361 more to go.
because of two very, uh, challenging sleep experiences of the past two nights, today's menu went from all sorts of ambitious, look out world, i am back greatness to hours of sitting and having a sleep deprivation headache to sleeping for a few hours this afternoon. and while i seriously considered taking a photo of my pillows, i thought i would instead grab one of my growing stash of wool roving. i started needle felting (read cool thing that you do with raw wool that involves a barbed needle to make it felt together and for me, A LOT of incredibly painful needle stabs) and just got an order of some more yesterday from my favorite supply store of all things craft yummy, Ornamentea! gonna chow down on dinner then start the stab-a-thon! woohoo.


Anonymous said...

oooh, love all the beautiful wool...pretty:)


ellie said...

Hey, K! About to head out to yarns,etc for some more. Needle felting is so much fun. I seem to lose time while doing it and have thought up a whole line of little felty beings for my shop. Going to start one as soon as I get some flesh colored roving. Hints abound...
How is your knitting/crocheting coming along?
Knit happy!