Monday, January 3, 2011

not the photo of the day BUT very important

I just read an article about the end of days. In case you like to keep up with your appointments...go ahead and save the date...May 21, 2011. In fact, they ( have bumper stickers with 'save the date' and 'noah knew' that you can get for free, in case you would like to advertise.
Apparently the date comes from a careful reading of the scriptures done by Harold Camping, 89. He has said the Bible, which is a cosmic calendar, reveals the date.
While I guess I could be concerned about this for one reason, I am REALLY concerned about it for another. You see, I am afraid now, that my family may be involved in the end of days.
May 21, 2011 is one of my sister's and her husband's anniversary. Hm.
That could be a coincidence so I let it ride.
I kept reading the article ( and they mentioned the most famous end of days dates as predicted by Baptist Leader William Miller. He said it was Oct. 22, 1844. Well, that is kind of distressing. October 22 is my other sister and brother-in-law' anniversary AND my grandparents' anniversary. Now THAT can't be a coincidence.
So it got me thinking that I should perhaps trek out to hear them speak when they are in NC, just to make sure that I am not, in fact, the anti-christ. At this rate, there is no telling.
If it turns out that it is my family that brings about end of days, and you were hoping for a bit longer on this ol' rock, well then I am sorry. Truly.

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Mick said...

If it's true, I'll treat y'all to dinner on May 22nd!