Monday, February 2, 2009

energy booster

If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction or any of the teachings of people like Eckhart Tolle or Jack Canfield or myriad of others, then you will have heard that gratitude is a big energy shifter.
There is a really cool little app in the app store for your iPhone or iPod Touch called Gratitude Journal. I am guessing you can figure out what it is, uh?
Every night my little alarm is set to remind me to be grateful. And some days, I really need reminding.
A few days ago, I was grateful that I am permitted to be angry for there are certainly many in many cultures who are not.
Gratitude slows me down. Not in a bad way. In a in the moment kind of way. I am able to remember that I am grateful to have my friends and family, my iPod and comfy bed. My pets and a clear sky or a rainy day. I am grateful that I am not homeless and that I can help those who are. I am grateful that I have the means to go to the doctor when I am not well and grateful that sometimes they even figure out why. I am grateful that people are creative and come up with great little apps for my iPod like Alien Swarm so that I never have to put quarters in a Galaga game in the movie theater lobby again. I am grateful for the fact that I am aligned with some majorly awesome people...people who don't just think that changing the world is a good idea, but who are actually doing it. Globally. I am grateful for all of the support I get in life and for the way that my little dog, Indy, points his front paws up when he stretches out. I am grateful for second chances and really grateful that people like to get things that I make. I am grateful for the kindnesses of others. I am really grateful for little bird tracks in the snow, how my Charlie dog sounds like a horse stampeding when he runs wide open and how my cat Jesse can now sleep on the bed, on my husband's side, for the entire night. I am grateful for adventure and for Java Chip (more to come about those) and baristas who make them best, thanks, Chelsea. I am grateful that I don't give up when I don't know or am not satisfied. I am grateful for those who kindly do my painting for me. I am grateful for being called "Aunt" by kids who aren't related to me by blood but who are by choice. I am grateful for good movies and cheesy tv shows. And my terrain jane shoes. I am grateful for colors, especially lime green and periwinkle. I am grateful that while hurt might linger the details rarely do. I am grateful for mornings and for sunsets. And fireflies. And for the night that Dawn and I saw thousands of them flying higher than I knew they could. I am grateful for others' belief in my ability to fly higher than I think I can. I am grateful for great yarn and pumpkins. I am grateful for toasted walnuts and toasted thick cut tomato basil bread from Panera's. I am grateful that it is about time for bed and that my husband has to walk the dogs for the last time today. I am grateful for Target and all the organizing stuff they carry. I am grateful for my nap buddy, Bella who might be one of the tiniest meows in the kitty kingdom and the sweetest little girl. I am grateful for hug pillows and snow days. I am grateful for Life Coaches and artists and people who go their way. I am grateful. I am so grateful.

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NorfolkBoy said...

This certainly boosted my energy..... I too am grateful..... that I have you as a daughter (in-law)!