Saturday, February 21, 2009

SuperHero to the rescue and the new face of feminism

Definition of a SuperHero

Pronunciation: Dad-zee
Function: Rescue of those in need
1. a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers ; also : an exceptionally skillful or successful person
2.Father in law willing to fly to the rescue at a moment's notice
Yup, this is the face of a SuperHero!
It's been a week. I made it to Friday, got some good work done in the morning before my follow up doctor's appointment.
That goes fine.
I pull out of the parking lot.
Hm. My car doesn't normally sound like that. Not good.
I make it one block and pull over.
Flat tire. Aaarggghhh. These are relatively new tires. Good tires.
Doesn't matter. It's flat. And so is my energy reserve for dealing with nonsense.
I realize that some might think that I have to relinquish my feminist card when I decide to call for help but I don't think so.
After a quick cry out of frustration and the realization that I haven't changed a tire in about 2 decades and my hand is injured, I make a couple of calls...just to release the energy of the moment.
Okay, now what am I going to do? Who could possibly step in to help me in the middle of a work day?
Who indeed. A quick call to Dadsy, my father-in-law, and he is on the way. He doesn't bat an eye, just gets to work as we chat.
It was nice to talk with him. Just us, catching up. We have good conversations. I was so filled with gratitude for his willingness to always help in any way that he can. I know that a lot of people don't like their in laws but I love mine. They are really loving, giving people.
So Dadsy shows up and changes my tire. We chat and I realize that while tires go flat and frustration builds up, love helps us sail smoothly through it. Love is like a wind through smoke. It parts the way with ease.
So thank you, Dadsy, for helping. Again. You are always there willing to help, without condition. I so appreciate that and you.
I also acknowledge myself. I believe that I am pretty capable and I am sure that I could have gotten the tire changed. But it would have taken a presence of mind that I didn't have at the moment. It was strength that allowed me to say that I needed help and it was love that answered the call. So, even though I didn't change it myself, it takes a strong woman to acknowledge when she could use some help.

The tire that gave me the opportunity to be helped. The little stinker. Tires aren't supposed to be able to sit flat- flat, of course, being the operative word.
Thanks to my husband for following me over to the tire place as soon as he got home and who reminded me that it wasn't a big deal. Thanks to Dawn who let me borrow her car (we have the same one) so that I could go out that night. Thanks for Erik for reminding me again that it is wasn't a big thing. Thanks to the tire guy who checked the rest of my tires and that wanna be tire donut thingy.

{Me, armed crossed, bottom lip stuck out...} I want my car back NOW!

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NorfolkBoy said...

Just picked this up! You little tinker.

Me a "Superhero"? I don't think so - I cannot imagine me wearing my boxers outside my pants. Mmm, I don't know though?