Sunday, February 8, 2009

The way out

Last week was pretty challenging for me.
There were a few things including doctor's and CPA appointments that took a lot energy.
Dealing with stuff that I really don't want to deal with really starts to activate that fight or flee response in me. And lately, I haven't had much fight in me.
As I sat in the doctor's office and all the other patients were called in and some even came back out before I was called, I felt the need for flee.
I had to sit there and remind myself of the quote "The only way out is through."
This statement really intrigues me. I looked up this quote. When I googled this, I got exactly 129,000,000 results. The quote came originally from Robert Frost in A Servant to Servants. His quote is "The best way out is always through."
Looking at some of the other 128,999,999 results, I noticed that this quote has transmuted into "The only way out is through." Not the best way, the only way.
As a Life Coach, I help people with creating paths to their dreams, to things that make their lives meaningful. Just because I have the privilege of doing this for a living, doesn't mean that I don't face my own stuff. (That's why I have my own coach!)
Lately, feeling the weight of getting to the other side so strongly, I decided that through is the only and best way out. I honestly can't think of any other way.
Avoidance hasn't worked for me. Creative alternatives haven't worked for me. Denial hasn't worked.
So last week, I faced down 2 pretty big and bad meanies and I found out that they weren't so big or so bad. They got bigger and scarier in the darkness of my fear.
Maybe the only thing to fear is fear itself.
When I was training at International Coach Academy to become a Certified Professional Coach, I remember them talking about creating a success team for my practice. Who did I need to support me so that I would be successful?
That came back to me when I was sitting in the doctor's waiting (and waiting) room.
I have always believed that you need a good mechanic, doctor and vet. I am adding to that list CPA and Coach. Friends. Family. Doctor. Vet. CPA. Coach. Mechanic. They are the way through.
Through and through and through.
That being said, I have to get the lampshades done. The only way out is through.

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