Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grammy turns 95!

I make no bones about it. I adore my grandmother. To us, she is Grammy.
Grammy turned 95 on Wednesday and I went to Greensboro to celebrate with her and my family. She is awesome. She can't live by herself anymore and doesn't want to live with her family because she never wants to be a burden. It doesn't matter that she never is a burden. It is part of her DNA. She has always been really autonomous. We were worried when she moved down here and moved into the extended care place she lives. But she really likes having all of the people around.
This is Grammy posing before she blows out the candles. 95. Wow.
Grammy loves sweets. LOVES sweets. She may not have any room in her stomach for dinner but there is, miraculously, always room for something sweet. The woman is 95. Let her eat cake.
And then there is my sister. Also enjoying a bit of cake. Clearly she is the picture of class. I wish that I could say that we have done a great job maturing. But we do have fun. We are simply fully functioning citizens with some residual child residing within us. My parents have given up hope.
But they probably should.
I am posting my first blog video. You will see from this little video that our childish behavior comes from our grandmother. If it is good for Grammy, it is good for us!
Grammy is a sassy one. We were all playing around and Sandy started blowing her little party horn. You have to watch and see what Grammy decides to do. Watch to the end. You have to see her response. She is a hoot. Love you, Gram. Happy Birthday and thanks for always being the most perfect combination of love, strength and sass. You are the best!

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sounds like a lot of fun!