Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best Road State

I was out driving around today and saw the funniest thing posted in the cab window of the pick up truck in front of me.
I couldn't stop laughing. I don't like to bitch about stuff...bad energy and all. And I love Durham. It is an eclectic mix of people and cultures. More liberal than many other places in NC. But my gosh, we have bad roads.
I remember being in the airport one time to pick someone up. I was sitting there in the waiting area, and eavesdropping on a girl in her late teens talking on her cell. I wasn't trying to but it was really quiet and it was impossible not to hear her.
She was telling someone about the road construction and described it as having been started before she was born. She might have been right.
In my most cynical moments, I think that the condition of the roads must be the result of a really effective tire alignment lobbyist somewhere in our state legislature. I have to believe that the kick backs on each alignment and new set of tires is padding some island getaway for a local politician.
I don't know what takes road construction so long. Temperatures, expanding and contracting materials, digging, flattening, etc. Some mystical process.
And considering how much road work we have going on, one might think that sooner or later we would have good roads. But we seem to have reached a perfect balance between finishing new roads and roads newly falling to pieces. Really, we are the good road state? I have to believe that we have something else that might be more notable and well, true!

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