Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Visions of Spring

I was born in New England and I remember a saying...If you don't like the weather, wait a few hours.
Living in North Carolina, I have to say that we have New England beat. After all, in winter, they have WINTER. For a long time.
My aunt says that we don't have 4 seasons in NC. I totally disagree. We do have four seasons. It's just that only one of them is torturous...summer, of course. Yeah, there are a lot of people who like it but I really do wonder every summer why I live here. Mark Twain said that summer in the south is like walking into hot dog's breath.
But I love the winters. And springs. Springs might be the best. Our springs would make anyone believe in possibility. Robins come in droves. Forsythia blooms before it is wise. Daffodils are everywhere and the trees...the trees cannot contain their joy...or their new little leaves.
This week we had snow, albeit just a dusting, on Monday.
Today, Wednesday it was almost 50. We will spend the weekend in the 70s! And that's the way it is here. Lots of variety. I love that one day you bundle up and the next day, you can go out in your shirt sleeves. I never get bored. It's fun.
Fall can be quick but spring and fall are like the perfect moment of change. The moment that a kernel turns into popcorn or rain drop turns to snow. It is a moment of transformation. The chrysalis turns into the butterfly. Yeah, the transformed will be visible but the actual moment of transformation is transient. Hot to cold. Cold to hot. Day to night. Night to day.
But these times are sweet.
They won't be around forever but I am going to delight in daffodil riot while it's here.

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