Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Be Positive

Today, all I want to do is share joy.
The photos are from the african violet and hyacinth that are on my worktable. Funny, when I was choosing the photos, I would have sworn that I could smell the sweet of the hyacinth! Maybe it's circulating in the air system. Wouldn't that be lovely?
The academy where I trained to be a Coach, International Coach Academy, is hosting a Positivity Week. The doors are open for everyone. Not just coaches or prospective coaches. They are doing it to create and spread positivity around the globe. Every day this week, they are having a tele-seminar...just call in at the right time and you will be connected to the live teleseminar. Each day there is a different topic. On Saturday, I am co-facilitating "Positive Opportunities". I am so excited about it.

Here is the little blurb about it.
"International Coach Academy (ICA), the global leader in coach training , invites you to join them for 'Positivity Week''. During the week of the 23rd to 29th March we will be opening our virtual doors for anyone, anywhere in the world to share their positive energy. To find out more, and how to participate
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It's a great chance to create some positive flow around you. If you are unfortunate enough to watch the news or read the newspaper, you may be over indulging on negativity.

As Cesar Millan (yes, the Dog Whisperer) says
You can predict what is going to happen or you can create what you want.
You can listen to the gloom and doom or you can align yourself with what you want. It's up to you. What feels good to you? It is a feeling universe and you will be supported in anything you feel.
When I was thinking about the Positive Opportunities teleseminar, I started thinking about stories that I could share of situations that could have been negative but that turned positive.
It was difficult at first then I realized, it has become such a part of my life that the stories don't stand out. It's more a way of life.
My mother in law is an expert in this area. She always sees potential. She takes what is and goes forward. I don't think I have ever heard her complain. In fact, I have wondered if she is just holding in the negative feelings. But I don't think so.
Whenever I call their home and she answers, I ask her how she is. Her answer? Always the same. "Brilliant as always". And she says it with a smile on her face that you can hear clear over the phone lines.
I am not perfect at it. Some times I get down and have to have a self pity party. But not too often.
As I was thinking about examples I could share from my life, I realized that carrying my camera everywhere is an example of that. Like when I got the flat tire.
Carrying my camera, looking for beauty and interest, is always an opportunity to be in the moment. And in the moment, there are very few things that aren't good. 'Bad' is mostly always a projection. Even when I have a moment that isn't grand, if I am able to be present with it, I am able to take it as it comes. To see what is real and what is conjured in a dark fear stew. Being here and now, I get all there is. And there is power in that.
B Positive is a blood type. Runs through you.
But it is also a way of being. An attitude. A way of life. A choice.

Don't you just love the shimmery petals of my violet? Delightful!

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jaimie said...

what a wonderful message! after seeing such beautiful pictures of spring, I certainly will be!