Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling it

Photo credit goes to my sister, Sandy. I love this photo she recently took of a storm that was rolling in. The colors are just beautiful.
I went to visit her today and as it would happen, storms were rolling in and out. My drive was torrential rain. Trucks trailed rain in puffs like PigPen and his personal dust cloud. Sudden clearing followed by blinding rain and hazard lights.
On the way home, I watched a front roll in. The line of clouds was strong and clear. White clouds, without the threat of rain. And with as much rain as we have had lately, it is a threat, not the treat that it normally is.
Today, I don't want to be clever, or funny. Not insightful or thoughtful or even pseudo-philosophical.
Today I just want to be.
When I got near home, I opened my window. The wind from the storm was electric. Like it reached in and lifted me. I rolled the passenger's window down and for a moment wondered if I had anything that might blow out of the car. Then I didn't care.
It was a transcendental moment. Just me and the wind. The sky was dramatic. The temperature temperamental. Cool was coming.
The sun behind me. The dark clouds in front and the air all around.
It felt so good.
And in a feeling universe, I am not sure that it gets much better than that.

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