Thursday, April 30, 2009


Beth invited me for a visit. Last minute sort of thing. Normally I would have said no but after years of hearing "Just say no", I decided to say yes. I jumped in the car the next day, and 4 hours later, we were all together again.
This is my unbelievably cute little niece, Kylie. I love this photo of her. She is showing me wind. Can't you just see it? It was a beautiful day. We were sitting out on their back deck and those little helicopter seeds, all pink and fluttery, were showering down on us with fantastic frequency. When the breeze picks up, Kylie announces, with a flourish, its arrival. Priceless!
She is also really taken with Bumbles. They have a fair population of fat bumble bees and Kylie is very fond of their flight. Just say Bumble and she immediately looks towards their flight path.
We had a great time and I can't lie and say that my heart didn't melt (ah, the double negative) every time Kylie would hold up her hand to take my finger and lead me somewhere. Oh. my. goodness. Too sweet. I was a puddle.
I watch Beth with Kylie. Beth is one of those women who is born to be a mother. Not to say that she isn't highly talented elsewhere but she brings a passion to mothering that is admirable.
I listen to them when they are downstairs. Laughing. The conversation that goes on between them. One that they understand effortlessly. I have to figure out a lot. They have their own rhythm. Crackers, milk. Cinderella. Which is pronounced something like "Oy Oy". The phone, kisses, walks, it all goes on beautifully.
I call Beth and her family the Sunshine Family. For those of you not old enough to remember, they were the perfect little family of dolls. That's them. Dog included.
I look at them and wonder what it would be like to have a child. Life is so much about choices and having a child never really came up. It may sound odd but the fact is that I adore kids but only fleetingly have thought of having one.
I admire those people who are able to raise a child and do anything else at all in life. I think if I had a kid, that would be it. I would be a nightmare. Talk about tunnel vision.
I am rambling. I am so tired. Time for bed. Ah, yes...that was the reason that I was never serious about total selfish need for sleep.
Sleep tight, Kylie. Thanks for the hugs and kisses.

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