Tuesday, April 21, 2009

come to the cliff

Last week, I went to Manhattan to meet the people that I work with at International Coach Academy. It was an extraordinary time! Finally meeting women that I have only spoken to for the past year. We had a great time.
One of the most important things I took away from it was that I am truly part of a team. That it is a team that supports each of us in our own individual way. That we are part of something that is much larger and going to make a huge difference in the world.
Last night I got fired. Oh Team, thou art a fickle partner.
They are moving into the future in a truly big way. And apparently, I am not the aggressive sales person that they will need to take them there.
I agree, actually. I have no interest in being that kind of a sales person. I am a coach and a light to help others see their own brilliance. I am a creative. Here to bring joy and beauty into the world.
So I have come to the edge of the cliff...I feel the wind blowing up from below. It is exhilarating as I look across and up into the sky. I don't look down because that is lined with fear and you don't catch an air current on fear.
I am stepping off the edge. I have faith that I will fly. I can't see my wings. I haven't passed this way before, but I am here now. Ready to step off the edge of known, off the path someone else has trodden flat to find my own way.
And I feel more ready for this than I ever have.
The CEO of the company is an extraordinary woman. I have often compared myself to her in a most uncomplimentary way. Spending time with her and then having this experience has been an eye opener for me. She truly is a visionary. And I am extraordinary on a person to person basis. She has her strengths and I have mine.
It makes me wonder about how many times I have played on someone else's field, with their game ball and their rules and tried to quantify my success, my own worth.
The last few years have been ones of extreme growth. I will play with others. I will meet them on their field for a visit but I now have my own home field. I have my own rules.
It is about time.
I recently spoke with a man who had lost a public re-election. He said he lost in the "Obama Bubble". He didn't take much responsibility for the loss which I could comment on but really, it was what he said later that really stood out. He said that he was released for something greater.
Amen. And bring it on. I am ready. I am ready.


HappySlug said...

You are extraordinary! Make your own road and you will go far.

Noodle on This said...

I am soooo proud of you!