Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be the Filter

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a teleseminar by Joe Nunziano, author of Spiritual Selling. One of the things that he was talking about is asking ourselves if we are filters or sponges for others' energy. That is easy for me to answer.
Call me Sponge Ellie.
This is really important. Because what you feel is what you will call into your life. I know that there is lots of talk about just think about what you want and you will manifest it. But it is what you feel. This is a feeling Universe.
Last week I had what I will call a growth experience. One of my co-workers and I came at something from different angles. I think we were heading in the same direction but it sure didn't feel like it. I got hurt feelings. I aroused trust issues in her. And on it went. Others got involved and it felt like the battlelines were drawn. Ugh.
No battle ever ensued but there is still healing to be done. I want to reach out but I haven't processed fully yet. I just know that I want to come from a place of love. That day, I came from a place of hurt and fear. Take it from me, that is not productive.
Back to the sponge and the filter. I believe that I have a deep seated belief that I am just not good enough...not for anything particular...just not good enough. I am working on this. But I was thinking that there is no room for the Universe to bring something new in. I recycle this yuck energy round and round. It is depleting. When I release it, then I am able to open up to something new. New energy, new opportunities.
Joe talks in his book about surrounding ourselves with positive people. I will be honest that this is not always easy. Those I love aren't always positive...sometimes for a long stretch. So how do I stay positive? So far, I have been greatly affected.
But I want to use this filter idea. I want to take in what comes and then choose what I want and then let the rest flow on through. Too often I absorb others' negative energy or recirculate my own. This doesn't feel good. And if what I am feeling isn't good, then what I get won't either.
The photo I chose today is from the Renaissance Festival in North Carolina, somewhere near Charlotte. It is a

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