Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just ask

I forgot something yesterday. Fortunately, my friend Beth reminded me today of the truth.
Yesterday, somewhere in the afternoon, I lost focus. Blame it on the mega doses of vitamin D which was clouding my poor little brain cells or the fact that I am human. No matter.
I gave into my fear. Fear that nothing new was going to come to me. Scarcity was setting in. I took on the fear around me and started to feel that it was truth.
I should have known, even in the moment, that wasn't real. My body felt bad. My mind was troubled. I felt anxious. None of this is an indicator of truth but rather of misalignment.
So I was thinking about how I was going to get myself out of this feeling and get back to my truth. To what I believe is the Universal truth. This is an abundant Universe and what we focus on is what we get.
When I asked Beth for some help with a quick perspective shift, I told her what I wanted to do. Get back to my flow and open to the abundance of the Universe.
Her advice?
Just ask for it.
Oh, yeah, that's right. Ask and you will receive.
Asking is not just for having. Asking is also for being.
Thank you, Universe, for your loving support, showing up in all your infinite forms. Thank you.
Here is a photo that my husband stumbled upon a while ago. He thought, rightly, that it would resonate with me.
Here it is for a little reminder for each of you.

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