Monday, May 4, 2009

oh bother...

I feel like a cross between Pooh Bear and Eeyore today. Stuck in a hole...following my blind love for honey and feeling a bit of despair at the whole affair.
I just
filed my last invoice with ICA. For all intents and purposes, all is normal. This is when I would have submitted it. I will get paid at the normal time. But of course, I am no longer working for them.
I am out in the world without Christopher Robin. I have packed my little bandana, tied it, stuck it on a stick and have started down the path.
Hm, now where was I going? I am not quite sure.
I have the great joy of being at a crossroads. I spent the day working on my website which deals both with my coaching and my creative stuff. I set up a blog for each and I have gotten my etsy store about ready for merchandise. I feel that I am moving but I am not sure where I am headed.
That is not quite right, is it? Obviously I must have an idea. Coaching. Yes. Make stuff. Yes. Those seem like directions so why do I feel out of sorts?
Not sure.
This is where faith comes in. I am between worlds and maybe that's it. I want to make the leap. Just don't know how to. Feels a bit like running to scream in a dream.
I put this photo in today just in case I overlooked a 4 leaf clover. (Really bad song reference.) Oh bother.

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