Thursday, May 7, 2009


There is a message that I have been receiving lately that is inescapable.
It doesn't matter if anyone else gives me any recognition...what matters is that I give myself recognition.
This message has come to me from all different sources. Apparently I wasn't getting the message clearly enough so the Universe just kept on sending it. And for that I am really grateful.
I was talking with Coach Teresa Haines of Colorado. She is a dynamo and she made a great statement...If you are looking for recognition from someone else, that's where you will stay. If you are looking for recognition for a job well done from an employer, then you will always work for someone else.
If the recognition of our own worth, and even more than this, if our own worth truly comes from us, then we are freed...freed from the constraints of others opinions and expectations.
When I trashed all the files on my laptop that related to the job I was released from, I felt a huge surge of energy. I felt the weight lift. I found that the space that job had taken was now free and a room in a new house. I got to choose the furniture and the touches that I wanted to fill this space with. What a blast!
Each of us has our own light. And even if we are the only light in the darkness, the darkness fades. We don't need someone else to tells us. It's nice, certainly. But it doesn't stay with us the way that our own deep down knowing does.
What if each of us took 2 minutes a day to recognize the cool things that make us unique? What would that do for us...for our world?
Let's find out...starting now.

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