Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Heavens Rejoice!

It has happened! It was a very long time in the making but my new website is now up and live. There are a few things left to do but life is about one step at a time. This is just a screen shot of the home page banner.
I am amazed how many people were instrumental in making this happen. Beth, Erik, Mary, Tom...the guy at Yahoo Web Hosting, buddy in Germany, Karen Cappello, ICA, Stuart and me. That doesn't even count all of the people who created iWeb and made it relatively easy. My gratitude goes out to so many people. Wow.
I love this. My first website thrilled me for about 30 minutes. Then it was a slow drop into "I can't bare to look at it". This one contains no apologies for being keeps some professional rules...but it is me and will resonate with the people that I should work with.
Amazing to me that it took being released from ICA to get me back on track to my vision.
I am tired and grateful.
I think I will sleep the sleep of the kick ass website owners...

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