Monday, May 11, 2009

fun done

I did today a bit differently. I mentioned on my coaching blog this morning that I read a great email from Elyse Hope Killaron,, about the difference between doing and being. Instead of hanging my energy on what I had to do, I chose who I wanted to be. It was really empowering.
Lots going on this week. My niece, Melissa, is graduating from college this weekend. The family is putting a lot together for a fab party. I am the decorating committee. There's lots I wanted to do and time just ticked away.
So this morning, instead of thinking of the To Do list that kept playing in my head, I decided who I wanted to be. I decided that today I was love, peace, joy, ease and flow. Being all of those things, I took a look at what I was going to do.
The first thing that happened was I felt relaxed. I felt as though I had a ton of time. I needed to take the trash and recycling out and do a lot of sewing. I hate sewing but it is needed for the party...need the perfect effect and I won't be able to buy what I want anywhere.
So, in this relaxed state, I did the trash/recycling run and I watched most of "Michael J. Fox: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist." Great show. I haven't finished all of it yet but I want to record it to CD. Such a great reminder that happiness is a choice.
Anyway, when my day moved to the graduation prep time came, I didn't even choose to do the sewing. I planned a handbound book to commemorate the event. I felt compelled to work on that. I did it and it was fun. One day this week was to do that and instead of doing what I HAD to do, I did what was fun to do and my day was glorious. I feel so much lighter about what I have left to do. I feel an openness that I didn't expect in a hectic week.
I love this idea of deciding what I am going to be and then taking action on that.
It was so much fun and landed up being really productive.
I think I will make this idea a daily practice.

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