Monday, May 18, 2009


My sister Sandy and her husband Greg have recently adopted a new puppy. Meet Bosco, 10 month old sack of sweetness and bounce.
Sandy is an extraordinary photographer. While cleaning, she took these photos of their new baby.
I know that we adopt these animals. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. A lot of times these animals are called rescues.
I think that this is completely backwards.
They are the rescuers. We are the rescues.
They move into our homes and
hearts. In a matter of days, they love us beyond reason. They don't ask all the questions that we do...are they the right ones for me? Is this what I want in my life? Have I looked around enough to be sure?
They just start to love, start to trust. Start to make their new home with their new family.
I watch my own dog, Charlie, who was so timid a year ago when we adopted him. Now he plays with people that he wouldn't go up to. He is so much more confident. Strangers aren't a reason to cower anymore.
He is happy.
I spent the weekend celebrating my niece's graduation. The party was held at Sandy's beautiful house. A fabulous garden party.
I watched Bosco and how he was bouncing around, tail swagging, seeing new things and enjoying life. I watched him follow my sister, if not physically, then with his eyes. Always wanting to find her, to be with her. Saw him with my brother in law, how happy Bosco was when he got a cuddle from Greg. A treat. Went for a walk.
Bosco has no questions about how he got where he is. He's just dog happy that he is.
Long ago I heard the quote, "I want to be the person that my dog thinks I am."
I love that. But maybe I want to be the human version of who my dog is.
Not sure that I could ask to be a better person than that.

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