Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Incurable Optimist

I am rewatching...actually recording now...the tv special Michael J Fox: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist. What a fantastic show.
Yesterday I was on a teleseminar with Elyse Hope Killeron about Creating Prosperity. Again, fantastic! One thing that she said is that we are all recovering intellectuals. If I hadn't been on mute, the group would have heard me laughing. I am guessing had we not been on mute, I would have heard the class laughing.
Earlier in my life, when I thought I knew a lot, I really valued my intellect. I loved that I could have 3 lines of separate thoughts running in my head all at the same time.
Now I really don't care what I know. Now I care about experiencing...what I have and haven't yet experienced. Anyone who knows me, has ever known me, knows I am an emotional being. And when I think back to things, I remember how it felt. I remember some details but I remember how I felt during the experience. What the environment felt like. I remember feelings like others remember smells.
Being a recovering intellectual, I can now say that I am an optimist. When I was in college, I described myself as a realist. I was an optimist who was hedging my bets. And being an emotional being, I choose to feel happy.
So it is no surprise that I love this quote from the Michael J Fox show..."Optimists are open to alternatives in the face of adversity. They deal with reality head on. That hope flourishes in groups and resonates when people are doing what they love. And that happiness is contagious. You can give it out like newspapers. Feel it in everything you do."
Hand it out like newspapers.
Hand it out like newspapers.

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