Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today's post is a visual tour of my drive home from an appointment yesterday. If a picture is worth a 1000 words...
The other day my
dad-in-law, who hails from England the Wet and Cold, commented on the few days of rain that we were having. I understand, when you come from a place where rain predicts more rain and cold rolls like thunder, a wet forecast can induce a serious meteorological flashback.
Since then, it has been
sunny and pretty warm. We have a few more days of rain coming up. Cooler temps too. But March rain in NC is as good as saying the magic words.
Drink it the color.
Dadsy, don't worry. When the rain
comes again...so will the leaves on every tree. Those buds are waiting their turn. They gave way to the demands of the tulips and the forsythia and even the cherry blossoms but they are ready.
During the winter, I pay way too much attention to the quality of the road I take home. But come spring, it is almost as if the pavement gets better. How can I possibly look down when the branches fluffy with leaves reach across the street for each
other? A green canopy. I am mesmerized all summer. Every time I drive down the street. Every time. I am ready to trade a bit of sunshine for the magic.
My happy car with it's swirly whirly fluttering in the wind with the white cherry petals...I half expected a unicorn to trot by!