Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art of Allowing

I just finished a visualization. It was a guided one. But I didn't see much in my visualization. What struck me was that it didn't matter that I couldn't see myself all dressed up in the ballroom...don't ask, it doesn't really matter. I couldn't see my guides or know their names. But I felt everything. The energy of everything.
The biggest thing I took away from that was that I was okay with it, with all of it. The not knowing. There was no fear. No judgment. Just allowing.
I remember meeting up with David, a man that I had been involved with ages ago. We went for a walk and talked. I said to him that I was giving up judging others and had found that I had a lot more time. It was half meant to be funny but it was wholly true.
One of my cousins, Ray, whom I had not seen for ages, asked me when we met at a family funeral, "So I guess you are still liberal?" and I responded "Yes, more so, actually." He asked how I could be more liberal than I was before.
I said that I had since decided to be liberal enough to let everyone have their own opinion without having to argue about it.
It kind of surprises me but also delights me that I have been on this allowing and releasing journey for so long. I am happy knowing that I am growing more accepting in my life. This is not to say that I just fill my life with anything that rolls along. In fact, it is the opposite...by allowing myself to have only certain things in my life, I am able to meet whatever rolls along, be grateful for it and then keep only what I want. What I truly want. Not just materially, either.
Today I am allowing myself to be. Be whatever is right for day.
Some would probably say that I am being unrealistic. That I NEED to worry or fear or 'get real'. Stuart watches MythBusters. One of the hosts, Adam, sometimes wears a shirt that says "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
So I'm good. I am allowing the next right thing.

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