Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming along...

I am delighted. No other way to say it.
I dreamed of a life where I got to do what I was meant to do. Help people and make stuff. And now I am here.
My business is growing. I have been focusing on the creative part as it is where I felt drawn. Here are a few of my newest listings on etsy.
A day or so ago, my father in law and I had a little Facebook conversation about living a dream. He pointed out that, and I am relating this according to my understanding, that there is living in a dream and living in reality. I didn't do a good job of differentiating between living in a dream and living a dream. Everything that we create begins as a thought, whether we are conscious of it or not.
He mentioned that he never dreamed of living in the US but now he does. But if we think longingly of something, isn't that dreaming? Is this just a matter of terminology? Or is it an issue of our willingness to dream and be open to owning that dream?
Ah, see this is what happens when I have idle hands.
Back to my point, weak though it was.
I am delighted that my 'job' is to create. To work with silver or beads or fibers or whatever calls to me that day, that moment.
People are starting to respond to my offerings. I have regular sales and that is AMAZING!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am so excited. It is not only that I am bringing money into the house with my creativity. It is that people actually like my stuff (as I so eloquently call it) that they will pay for it and bring it into their lives.
Yeah, life is simply amazing. Thanks, life!

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