Monday, June 29, 2009

I wanna...

I wanna be at the beach, with the sand and the waves, rushing ever toward me, like a group of old friends.
I wanna be a seagull, catching a current and rising ever higher, then as ancient wisdom dawns, fly out to chase the fishing boats.
I wanna be a tiny crab, moving fast and sideways, making little kids laugh and old women shriek like I could do anything to them.
I wanna be seaglass, in the water for ages, forgetting my own origin, just going with the tumble of the sea, only to make it to shore one day and scooped up by a passerby who will make me a part of something beautiful.
I wanna be the air on a perfect day, sunny, and cloudy, misty and dry, when the air might carry a chill or a warm blush, but never fire.

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