Sunday, June 7, 2009

moo and the full moon

I am pretty excited. I had a great shop update yesterday. Some of the items are listed here. I am also excited that I am getting better at taking photos of my work. They were so bad last year that it was embarrassing. Now they are better and better.
It's a full moon tonight. I have really enjoyed sitting in my recliner (which I have to do tonight after my little fall down the stairs this morning) and watching the beautiful full moon. I wish that I could take a great photo of that but no such luck.
And I have just ordered my new business cards for my shop from the coolest place. It's called It's so fantastic. Thanks for turning me onto them, Suz! In 2 weeks, I will have some of the coolest cards around. Mini cards and a photo of my work on the front of each. AAAAAHHHHH! I am pretty jazzed.

Also pretty sleepy. Tomorrow is a creating day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are creating days. Thursdays are for photographing and Friday for listing my new work on etsy.
I am finding my own way to create and coach in the way that works best for me and that is also pretty exciting.

Now if only I could organize my studio (which in the summer I call my sweatshop) in a way that doesn't always end in chaos, I would truly be over the moon!
It's good to have something to look forward to.
Just a note to say thanks to all of you who support me, whether in my coaching practice, my creative endeavors, moral support. All of you in all ways. Thank you!

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