Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Presto Change-O!

The day had finally arrived. I was getting close to whacking off my own hair but Sandy made me promise not to. It was only sisterly love (and a small bit of fear) that kept the hair on my head.
It was worth the wait!

This is the before shot...when I still have some hair and a lot of it was gray! Sandy waits in the wings to take center stage with her shears.

The Hairtiste prepares the new color that will be my new "natural" color.
Did I mention how much I love getting all hot under a dryer? Has menopause not given me enough of a power surge? I think I started the bitching after about 10 minutes. "how much longer? I think I am done now. How much longer?" Oh yeah, I was a peach. Sandy cranked up a room air conditioner just to try to keep me quiet. HA!

The new do. Expertly styled. Sandy suggested that I get my friend Erik to take a picture THAT DAY as she has no confidence that I would be able to replicate the look. Oh, ye of little faith.

The next day I find my hair dryer (wasn't really sure that I still had one). I found the little travel hair dryer in the back of the linen closet. I washed my hair and put the amazing smelling Morrocan Oil Hair Indulgence in my hair. I got my Mud stuff, the bedhead stuff and the hair spray. I dried and plucked and volumized and all sorts of things that looked like what Sandy did.
I called her in the afternoon and she agreed to give me a remedial drying lesson and didn't even say "I was afraid of this." Thank God I don't have a video phone because I would surely have seen an epic eye rolling.
Thanks, Sandy. For the hours of weaving and highlights and low lights and working on your day off and being an awesome sister. I love you and I love the new do!


HappySlug said...

You look so CUTE peeking out from under the dryer! ;-)

Kitty Valerie said...

Nice hair cut!!! You look just lovely :)

sUz said...

Looks GREAT eLLie! Super fun and sassy - just like you :)
love you,