Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too little or just right?

Spent the day in Kure and Wrightsville Beaches yesterday. Forgot how to use sunscreen apparently but enough of that.
I was watching, somewhat horrified, by the people fishing from the pier. They were catching lots of little fish and then going through what seems a horrible ritual of getting the hook out and throwing the fish back into the ocean. It was torture. Erik said we needed to move on.
As we were leaving the pier, there was a pelican who was sitting right on the rail. I was stepping closer and closer to catch this guy's photo.
But that wasn't the catch that he/she was interested in. There was an older woman who was fishing next to this guy and apparently they had an understanding.
She had a fish that was too small to keep but apparently the perfect size for a pelican's lunch.
This just made my heart soar. I think that this was one of the best moments of the day trip.
I went up to the woman and said that was the best thing I had ever seen done with a fish that was too small to keep. She gave me a far away smile, but said nothing. I guess it was just what she does. Period. Fantastic!

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