Sunday, January 4, 2009


Okay, so I got a new camera for my birthday a couple of months ago. I wanted something that would help me capture the things that I see. Years ago, I heard that the guy who started Amazon takes a photo every day, to document his life. That stuck with me for all these many years. It was an inspiration that took a while to manifest in just the right way.
I have learned a few things through this.
I am no photographer but I don't care.
It's fun to learn about all the different features on a camera. No, not by reading the manual, which I am sure that I have around here somewhere, but by doing. I have had some really fun 'learning experiences', some of which I will share here.
You can get a fun camera small enough to fit in your baggalini.
I am fascinated by life.
Maybe it's the Libran in me...loving beautiful things.
Maybe it's the artist in me.
Maybe it's just that there is so much around us that is so freaking awesome.
So here I am. With my camera and my perspective. Hope you enjoy.
I was driving home a couple of weeks ago, around 11pm, with this amazing mist enveloping the world. I am no meterologist so I really don't know the difference between fog and mist but this wasn't fog. I feel like I was the only one in this little snowglobe...only there was no snow. No drivers on the road. Just me and this alternate reality. I had to pull over to capture this feeling. I didn't, really, but I caught enough to bring it back to me...that feeling of being protected, even loved, by something big and that this extraordinary natural effort was just for me.
Maybe if I found the secret door, I could have exited back into the land of night time drivers and rules of the road. But to be honest, I was really delighted by travelling around in my little mist-ical world. Sorry, I couldn't resist!


jaimie said...

that is a lovely photo you took! I've just found this blog, and I look forward to visiting it more in the future.
(you may feel free to check out mine!)

NorfolkBoy said...

Great blog Leslie - I look forward to following it.

oddbird said...

cool picture. though it looks more surreal and a bit unsettling to me. i guess it's all in the perspective. i love the way the stop sign is almost glowing...maybe a message of sorts. looking at it made me think 'stop & reconsider'. not sure why that would be my impression. maybe it's just my state of mind.