Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The First Signs Of Insanity

I don't know what happened. I know better than this. I am NOT that crazy woman who wears the light up snowman sweaters. I do occasionally don(ner) Reindeer Antlers but that can be understood. So what possessed me to buy this little santa hat is beyond me.
But I did. Maybe it was the insanity of Christmas Eve day or the 50% off sign or the fact that the little hat looked so pitiful all by itself. All I can say is that I can glad that my little furries cannot speak. I would never hear the end of this!
Cooper (left) is my best friends' French Bull Dog. Cute little guy and I think taking this with remarkable dignity.
Next up is Charlie (right), my little doll baby. This rat terrier mix is fast as lightening so getting a photo of him is not all that easy. This was the best I could do. He sleeps like a boulder at my feet all night all but can't sit still for a moment to have his photo taken. Maybe it is times like this that make him so quick!

And this little cutie is Indy, our Havanese/Maltese mix. He believes and acts like he is the center of the love universe. So he thinks it is quite okay that he should have headwear. I think he was hoping for a CROWN!

I don't know what to say. There is no excuse. Maybe I am just getting old! I did buy a christmas pin with a rhinestone. It can only be downhill from here...

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oddbird said...

next xmas we should be on the look out for that light up sweater. all the dogs are cute but cooper is the most handsome of all