Monday, January 19, 2009

Too excited to sleep!

Have you seen that commercial for Disneyland or world...not sure which...where the little kid says "I am too excited to sleep"? I love that enthusiasm. The tone of voice and to be honest, just the sheer joie de vie. That moment, like waiting for Santa to come or going on vacation, when the thought of what is to come fills the present so fully that little things like sleeping and working simply find no room at the inn.
That's how I feel. This little girl says it all.
Anticipation. Something exciting is on the horizon.
A couple of months ago I went to my first hot air balloon show. It was awesome. My friend and I gathered at the field and I wondered where the balloons would stage and take off. Did we have a good place? I didn't want to miss anything. People milled around. Food vendors and artists were set up around the field. A local band was playing.
Then the trailers started pulling in.
People just casually stepped aside and let the trailers, full of balloon paraphernalia, pull right in amongst the crowd.
I wasn't going to miss anything!
That excitement is what I feel tonight. I am not going to be on the steps of the Capitol Building tomorrow at 11:30am. But I am not going to miss anything.
In fact, this is the first time in a long time that I feel that I am a part of something.
Of course, I am speaking about the swearing in of Barack Obama. I am so excited I can't sleep.
A few of my friends aren't thrilled. My family probably isn't. But a lot of those I know are. There is a new energy. And we need it.
So right now, I feel the gathering. I feel the excitement building. The crowds gathering. I live about 5 hours from DC (assuming decent traffic) and yet, the digital traffic signs warn of traffic delays to Washington. People are ready for less hot air and more flight. It's time for take off. Dare to dream again. Dare to speak up. Get involved. I received an email from the Obama campaign manager encouraging me to get involved in some of the community events in my area today. I didn't know that there were any. Yes, my bad, I am sure, but I want to give a huge note of thanks that the executive branch doesn't have their heads so far up their hineys that they lose sight of the importance of every person, in every town...not just 'real America.'
Get out and make some joyful noise.
Because whether or not you voted for or like Obama, the world needs a change. The economy needs a change. We need a shift. The fact that so many people are excited IS exciting. It creates a lot of good energy.
And I am all for that.

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HappySlug said...

I second that emotion! I'm more hopeful than I've felt in a long time.