Monday, January 5, 2009


I saw these clouds in the distance as I was driving through what I call "the 7 gates of hell"- a series of stoplights that you simply cannot make it through without having to stop at least a few times. For once, I was just clipping through the lights, not having to, or in this case, not getting to, stop at one of the them. I got closer and closer to being directly under these little cotton candy puffs. It seemed they weren't moving at all. Not slow moving clouds, they were no moving clouds. Like they were there for the fun of it and they weren't going to be the first goers to leave the party.
Then just as I pull under this canopy, I hit a light! Woohoo!
The pink filled the frame of my sunroof.


Camila Ariana ♥ said...

My name is Camila :) I live in Argentinaaa♥
my english is horrible, sorry :)

and good luck :)

jaimie said...

ooh! I love it when clouds change into such beautiful, whimsical colors! I love the photo!