Thursday, January 15, 2009

up or down

Do you look up or down when you walk?
It is said that if you look down when you walk, then you are less optimistic and can be more determined, maybe closed minded, introverted.
It is said that if you look up when you walk, you are more positive, more extroverted, think more on loftier ideas, indecisive.
You also tend to step in more dog poop.
You know it's true.
But it's a great metaphor for life, I think.
I used to look up most of the time. Then I got dogs and learned that I had better look down more often. But looking down became a habit. I missed more things going on around me but was well aware of little gifts left by my neighbors dogs and gum that had passed its useful state.
I have seen some amazing mushrooms by looking down.
I saw this in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble the other day. Not quite sure what they are but they looked so cool. Maybe skittles or some such thing. Even squished, they were unapologetic about their pink and orange-ness! And they really brightened up the gray asphalt. Looked like art.

But my spirit wanted to look up. I felt informed but kind of lonely. I felt like I was missing out on so much. This is what I get when I look up...
Pinks and Oranges again but on a much bigger palette. Maybe that's what it is about. The size of our palette. Some days I only have the energy for a small one...some days the sky isn't big enough!
Remembering that there is a choice seems important. If you leave your head bending forward or back too long, it hurts. Maybe it is the balance. Not to lose sight of one even though you have a natural preference for the other.
I am, by nature, a skygazer. Clouds, colors, storms, the sun and the moon, reflections of the earth and mirrors of the atmosphere. Rainbows. It's who I am.
I am learning to keep the poo off my shoes and yet to delight in all the possibility of expanse.
I know the old adage...feet on the ground, head in the clouds. But you can never fly if your feet are on the ground.
I want it all...up, down AND all around!


HappySlug said...

As always . . . you make me think. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing though. ;-)

renee said...

wow! good thoughts!! glad u enjoy my blog! nice to meet you!