Saturday, January 10, 2009

pretty moon

It's a full moon tonight. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago but I love it.
I have somehow made it about 4 1/2 decades without realizing that sometimes the moon sets at night. Not in the morning.
I don't like my moons to set at sunset. SUNset...not MOONset.
But I would also like for winter to be Dec, Jan, Feb. When March 1st feels like rolling around, then so does spring which will last until May 3oth. June got it...summer. While I would like that to last until around June 30th, I realize that might to be too much to ask. But spend a summer in North Carolina, and if you are a warm blooded animal, you might just land up agreeing with me. Mark Twain once said that summer in the south is like walking into hot dog's breath. Yum.
I will tolerate summer, with more or less whinging, until the last day of August. Day time highs in the lows 60s SHOULD begin promptly on Sept. 1. Color the leaves in brights and let them twirl their little hearts out until Dec 1st when we start all over again.
I am a temperature wimp. I am very happy between about 55-75 degrees. For the high. Nights can be cooler. Need to be snuggled under the covers at night. If I get too hot, I get bitchy. Too cold, depressed. So keeping me at an ideal temperature really is in everyone's best interest.
Yeah, it's a full moon. No idea why I am rambling about me and my temperature likes and dislikes. I guess it is on my mind because today, January 10th, it was in the 40s around 10:30am. By 6 pm, it was 60. It is January. While I am pretty okay with not having snow (Southerners are awesome people but scary snow drivers and the white magical blanket invariably turns into soggy, slushy, mushy, yucky mess!) it would be kind of nice to have some consistency. I don't know if it is global warming. I know that is going on, and no, I don't think it is Gore's fault/idea, but I don't think we can just keep saying "global warming" whenever the weather is funky. And funky it has been this year. Well, last year and the short bit we have had of this year. I was born in New England. There they say if you don't like the weather, wait 3 hours. Now it seems to be that way everywhere.
And then there is the other huge issue of my warming. Thanks to the depleted estrogen supply, temperatures fluctuate more wildly than ever. Boiling one minute and then freezing the next. I sometimes think that my mom taught me to dress in layers not so much to keep me warm but rather to train me for the quick change/striptease of menopause.
I stopped at Starbuck's yesterday and as I got out of the car, I was surprised to see the full moon. It was bright and round and surrounded by a Carolina blue, afternoon sky. It was pretty. I took a few pictures (yet to be downloaded) to remember the matinee showing of the queen of the night.
Yup, it's a full moon. January in NC, 59 degrees at 9:08pm. Clearly, the moon doesn't just make people crazy.

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