Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday, I took a rare solo trip to the movies. It is a delight for me to do that. I feel like there are no time constraints and feel free as a bird.
I saw "Doubt". Without doubt, it was a well made movie. It is about the light and dark of mankind. About conviction and doubt. How we choose to make a stand. And for what reasons. Really awesome movie.
No spoilers here, don't worry.
The movie held my interest the entire time and I was fully engaged, thinking and trying to figure things out the whole way. I had my suspicions about where they were going with it and all I can say is that I think that is just what they wanted me to do. Have my suspicions. Kudos.
Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were both really wonderful in the roles, though I quickly admit to being a really big fan of PSH. I think he is an incredible actor. He brings so much to each role and isn't one of those people who is the same in every role. Yes, he is an odd one in every role but in a different way. One of my guilty pleasures is the movie Twister. My husband bought the DVD for me recently. I think he was tired of me recording it on the DVR. I can watch that movie over and over again.
And every time it flips me out to see PSH as a young guy in it.
Anyway, after enjoying my popcorn and smuggled Diet Sunkist, I went out into the day. I can't say into the daylight. The weather here has been funky. In the 70s one day then in the 40s. Rain, sun, clouds...and I mean clouds. We have had the most amazing clouds lately.
It was if the sky was wrapped up in the conflict of the movie, the battle of light and dark playing out above my head. I could look left and see fat patches of blue and then look straight ahead to a ridge of dark rainclouds. The sun shone blindingly through white spots which entwined with slate. There was no beginning or end. No clear line between light and dark. They wrapped over and under each other. They danced and brushed up against each other. There was no separating them. Like a load of mixed laundry.
Like the light and dark in us.
Go see the movie.

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